Cork flooring from Your Floor Store, Cairns

A growing trend in cork flooring, ReadyCork Floating floors are amazingly easy to install yet they and still offer all the advantages of cork flooring - cool underfoot in summer and warm in winter. They are resilient, so easy to maintain and just perfect for use in most areas of the home.

Cork is one of the original environmentally friendly products.

In Portugal the cork oak has a unique feature, the outer bark is the cork and can be first stripped after 25 years, the tree then regenerates with new layers known as reproduction cork and are stripped at regular intervals of around 9 years while the tree grows on for centuries.

So no matter what colour cork is always green!  Ready cork is an earth friendly alternative with all the advantages of a traditional cork floor which is warm in winter and cool in summer resilient  and easy to maintain.

Readycork can be easily installed in one day without sanding, glue or sealants, with a 25 year domestic wear warranty.

To find out more about Readycork or any other cork flooring options call in, call us or click book for “Our Store to Your Door” Service.

How much does Readycork flooring cost at Your Floor Store?

Take a look at our buying and price guide to find out.

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