Epoxy floor coatings from Your Floor Store, Cairns

It's new, it's fresh and it's exciting and it will make the job look superb. We encourage you to step out of the square and use your imagination! Looking for character and difference? We can design a concrete seamless coating finish that suits.  Resurface existing concrete using state of the art Epoxy and Polymers. This system is perfected over time to provide protective and decorative coatings and will add value and beauty to your property.

We specialise in domestic, commercial and industrial applications, such as offices, stores, shopping centres, restaurants, sport centres and warehouses.  Product application for seamless floors are a 2 part epoxy system.

When the floor has cured, epoxies reach very high compressive strength giving them durability. They are able to withstand heavy wheel traffic as well as provide resistance to many chemicals.  Colour to suit your décor, a large range of colours from transparent to opaque. Popular colours are white wash, metallic, aluminium, bronze and coppers. With printed or uniform background with texture and pattern for every application.

Give us a call to discuss this popular choice in flooring further.

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