Natural Flooring from Your Floor Store, Cairns

In the 21st Century the shift to natural products have been significant.  Whether through the food we eat or the clothes  we wear, people are seeking natural environmentally friendly solutions.  Sisal, Coir and Jute in 100% natural flooring offering your home a natural beauty unrivalled by alternative flooring options.

Marvel at the amazing transformation that occurs with natural Sisal, with additional sense of space that only Sisal can create, your home will have a unique beauty that will be the envy of many – and yours to enjoy for years to come.

The natural tannins in Sisal repel dust mites, making it a healthy choice for asthma and allergy sufferers.  Sisal is remarkably easy to keep clean and offers your family the peace of mind knowing the fire retardant nature of Sisal makes it one of the safest flooring options available.

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