Solid Timber flooring from Your Floor Store, Cairns

Using Australia’s hardest timber such as Iron Bark is just one option when choosing your natural hard wearing solid timber floor, available in an array of beautiful timbers and grades to suit both your colour preference and your budget.

If it’s rustic that you like then Standard grade timber is the one for you, allowing a maximum variety of outstanding natural features including gum veins, cheeks and knots. Or if it is a clean modern appearance you are looking for the select grade offers a minimal amount of features whilst exposing the rich colours, tones and textures that distinguish the grain patterns of the timber.

Installed pre-finished with the advanced technology of German Treffert UV lacquer the hassles of sanding, dust and fumes are eliminated.

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How much does Timber flooring cost at Your Floor Store?

Take a look at our buying and price guide to find out.

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